Reacting To Old Profile Pictures {Joe Sugg Copy}

     Oh boy. This was a mistake. But for your viewing pleasure, I will show you {most} of my old Facebook profile pictures. I’m not the kind of person to delete pictures from Facebook. I just think it’s hilarious at times like this to go back and see them and have a cringefest. However, I have untagged myself a couple of times. Some things need not be shared. I made my Facebook in 2010, when I was a freshman in high school, so at least I missed out on the embarrassment of having a Facebook in middle school.

Idea taken from Joe Sugg’s video

Don’t send this to anyone.

 1. My Boyfriend, Brenden, and I at our homecoming dance freshman year. I actually really like this picture. But we look like babies.
2. Worst picture of me of all time. I got my hair highlighted and thought I would show it off by wearing a hood (???) probably my first selfie ever. I hate this picture.
3. Picture of friends and I at church camp the summer after my freshman year. I thought my eyes looked good in this one… but my eyebrows were nonexistent.
4. Same hoodie from the second picture. My brother and I in Florida summer 2010.
5. Another one of my favorites- my granddad made me a helmet for horseback riding with a straw on it. So ridiculous, but so funny.
6. My friend Molly and I at Forever21. We got in trouble because apparently you’re not supposed to take pictures in there. #3hype
7. Accidental front camera surprise picture. I thought it was funny enough to be a profile picture.
8. My moustache picture.
9. With my friend Lauren and I dancing in the rain.

10. At Abi’s birthday party Sophomore year. I thought I was so artsy in that headband.
11. One of my favorite pictures ever. Abi and I riding together.
12. Abi took this one of me in a library downtown. That’s my favorite sweater.
13. Family pictures from the Christmas card that I accidentally leaked. Sorry mom.
14. Brenden and I at prom last year.
15. I wish this whole picture would fit! Sleepover with Abi, Ellie, Lane, and Abi. Love these girls!
16. Another library picture.
17. ABI AND I AT OUR DORM. #4hype
18. One of my senior pictures taken by my momma and also my current profile picture.

Yay for embarrassment.
Heather Lauren

2 thoughts on “Reacting To Old Profile Pictures {Joe Sugg Copy}

  1. First, I LOVE Joe!! I watched all the British Youtubers who made their “Reacting to old photos” videos. Hilarious. Yours are definitely not bad compared to some of mine. I keep them, too, but set them to private. Let's just say I've blossomed quite a bit from when I first got Facebook in like 2008. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, love yours!


  2. Did you see Tanya's video?? She's the CUTEST. You should do this, too! I really should set some pictures to private- I always forget to do that!
    I'm so glad I found your blog! Thanks for stopping by!


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