Summer 2014 Wishlist [no.1]

I have been on a bit of a 1D kick recently [okay, maybe a huge one..] they’re just so cool! I’ve taken major inspiration from their style recently and there are lots of things on my wishlist that I’m hoping will help me to “cool-up” my wardrobe for summer/fall 2014.

1. The American Apparel Fisherman’s Pullover in “vintage grey-” or any of the colors for that matter! The guys all wore this sweater in their “You & I” music video, which I thought was brilliant, by the way. After further research and seeing all the amazing outfits people can make it with, I really want one!

2. Pink French Connection dress- I saw this on another blog and it was super cute. I love the casual shape and the bright pink that keeps it girly. It’s currently in the sale, so maybe I’ll splurge and pick it up!

3. Steve Madden Eccentric flats in leopard- I have seen these on so many blogs and I want to pick them up before they stop making them! They look so cool with jeans and a tee, so I’m hoping they’ll be comfortable enough to pair them with all the outfits I have planned!

4. Distressed jeans- I need some! I think I’ll have to revert to classic Levi’s to find the perfect pair, but distressed jeans would be the perfect fit into my casual/cool summer wardrobe.

5. Carhartt beanies- at only $8 each, these are so affordable, and the colors are awesome. Also frequently worn by Mr. Harry Styles, what’s not to love?

   Okay, I admit: jeans, sweaters, closed toed shoes, and beanies aren’t exactly summer appropriate.. but I’m just really excited for fall and college!!

Heather Lauren

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