2nd Blog Anniersary: Blog Advice in Harry Styles gifs

Yes, I did eat that cupcake. I wish I had more to share!

    Happy second anniversary to my blog! I started this blog on the 28th of June 2012, and I honestly can’t believe that it has been two years since then. So much has changed- not only in my blog, but also in my life in general. It’s amazing that I have pretty much two solid years of blogging to look back on. Even looking back on an outfit of the day post, I can remember who I went to dinner with that night or what movie we saw. Looking at hauls reminds me of the day shopping and the people I was with.

Me & My blog.

   I thought I would share what I have learned about blogging in these two years to any other bloggers out there who could benefit from some of my advice. It’s not like my blog has been an amazing success, but I’ve gotten so much from it! I also gave you gifs and pictures because I know some of you are lazy readers. “Five paragraphs of “advice”?? Heck no!”

1. Blogging is easy. Photography is not easy. Editing is not easy. Grammar is not easy. However, writing your feelings, thoughts, opinions, and ideas is. It’s so amazing to be able to look back on old things that you’ve written and remember or reflect. This is the longest running “diary” I’ve ever had, and I think that’s because it is so easy to keep up with a blog. You never lose your blog or get hand cramps with a blog. On a basic level, the technicalities of blogging are really easy, so if you think that you want to blog, you should!

Some things are too easy.

2. Substance and identity are important. I started blogging because I loved other blogs that were based on beauty reviews and I thought that I could successfully (i.e. gain tons of followers) create my own blog based around my opinions on beauty products as an American teen. However, no one is really interested in the opinions on beauty products of a young American teen (except younger American teens and creepy men).I never created an original identity for my blog, and I think that was the main reason that I never was making the kinds of connections through blogging that I wanted. Describing swatch colors was never as satisfying for me as describing my goals for the week. Your blog has to be about you if you want it to be really fulfilling for you and interesting for others.

Me doing beauty reviews

3. Read other blogs! Reading blogs helped me to see what kinds of posts I liked the most and helped me realize what I wanted to change about my own blog. I realized that I skip over posts about foundations I don’t have money to buy, but I’ll read an entire blog in one sitting if it’s about someone’s life.

However, don’t copy others.

4. Don’t pressure yourself. Maybe I’m not the person that should be giving this advice- if I don’t want to do something, it will never get done! I am not one to create motivation, and I definitely give in when none exists. However, I think blogging has stayed relaxing for me because I never pressure myself to keep to a schedule or a set number of posts. (Also, it helps that very few people read this! Blessing in disguise!) Unless blogging is your job, I wouldn’t feel any pressure to make it feel like work.

Be excited!
Hope this was helpful or at least entertaining!!  🙂
Heather Lauren

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