Seven Things for Seven Days no.3

Picture by Abi // Edit mine

1. Start journaling! I’m really tired of narrative journaling- recounting my entire day is so boring and slow when you write it all down. Instead, I want to write a small paragraph with what happened every day. No explanation of feelings or thoughts, I just want to be able to remember what happened each day.

2. Make plans. I have so many ideas for fun things to do this summer. (Take a look back at my summer bucket list post!) I just need to sit down and schedule them all!

3. Organize everything I’ve gotten for my dorm, write a list, and make a list of what all the roommates need to divide up and buy.

4. Move all my old music from the old iTunes account to the new one. This is going to be a big project. Dreading it.

5. Go for a run! I want to try running again, and I want to find some new trails to run on this week.

6. Spend a morning at the pool. It’s almost 4th of July, which means summer is almost halfway over, which means that my tan needs to have progressed! (It hasn’t.) Gotta work on that.

7. Spend said morning at the pool reading my summer reading and my bible study book.

*Bonus: 8. Go to the library, return the book I thought I lost (I found it!!) and find a “for-fun” book. Then head right back to the pool!

Sounds like a good week!
Heather Lauren

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