Summer Makeup Essentials

   This summer has been exceptionally humid, and my makeup routine has been narrowed down to only the basics. Read: “who even has the time for eyeliner?” I’ve been focusing on dewy, bronzed skin and a bright lip to make me feel put together enough for shopping but also to feel like I can jump into a pool whenever I want. If anyone wants to go swimming tomorrow, seriously hit me up.

1. Maybelline BB Cream– My longest-standing favorite base. So light and easy to blend, but really dewy and moisturizing. You can get greatly varying amounts of coverage out of this depending on how you layer it, but with just a little concealer, this is all I need for a whole summer day.
2. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer– The first bronzer I’ve ever fallen in love with! The wedding is next month. You’re all invited :*  Also easy to layer and blend, light enough for everyday on a fluffy brush, but easy to use for a contour with a small, dense brush. I love that it’s matte and slightly warm toned, so it blends really well into a tan.
3. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara– My resident favorite mascara. So lengthening and makes me look like I have ten times the lashes that I really do. I totally get the hype! Perfect for making my eyelashes stand out even when I’m not wearing eyeliner.
4. NARS Lipgloss in “Priscilla-“ My favorite lip product of the summer. Gorgeous and pigmented color without a sticky formula. I love that it doesn’t stain my lips and wears really well. Also, it totally reminds me of Blair Waldorf’s wedding makeup…


5. NARS lipgloss in “Piree-“ I had read that this is a popular wedding day lip gloss, and I totally think I would wear this to my wedding. Perfect when I want my lips to look put together without effort or fuss.
6. It Cosmetics Hello Light Illuminating Powder– New favorite highlighter, and a very necessary summer product. The color is a perfect neutral shade- I really dislike highlighters that pull really gold or super pink. I also love that it doesn’t leave a streak of shimmer on my face- it’s a really soft powder, so it blends really easily and looks natural.
7. MAC lipstick in “Girl About Town-“ I’ve only had this for a week, so I don’t have too much to say about it, but I love the bright color for nights out, and it goes really well with the NARS lipgloss!
8. Maybelline “Make Me Pink” lipstick– my go-to color when I don’t want a gloss on. Blue toned, medium pink that looks amazing with taupe eye shadows. Adore this color!

I packed all of these things (of course!) for a recent family vacation and I’ve been absolutely loving them, so I just wanted to share. What have you been loving? Is there anything my summer makeup needs?? (And before you say anything, I don’t like gold eyeshadow!)
Heather Lauren

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