One Direction MUA Lipstick Swatches + Reviews

  Hello, hello, happy lipstick Monday (also #NiallAppreciationDay if you’re into that) (I’m into that).
I finally got around to photographing these gorgeous lipsticks for you all so now I can wear them- and they do not disappoint.

Actual text from the day I discovered this beautiful phenomenon

   Anyway, they are gorgeous and I’m so glad that I got them. I live in the US, so I ordered them from Ebay and got them in a couple weeks. They were around $7 each and I’m pretty sure I got free shipping, so it definitely wasn’t too bad. My only complaint is that the stickers that kept them shut were so incredibly sticky that they left this horrendous glue left on the tubes that even goo gone couldn’t get off. I had to dissolve it off with alcohol and it faded some of the writing on the tubes which made me so mad. Thankfully the signatures are safe, though!

RIP perfect packaging





Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam

   I’m just not going to describe colors because that’s probably the most boring thing to read on the planet. Use your eyeballs. I will say, though, that Liam’s has this red shimmer/ duochrome to it that is so insanely beautiful and incredibly unique. If you buy any of them, I would say get Liam’s because I’ve never seen anything like it. Also, Harry’s deep red is so gorgeous. Reminds me of MAC’s riri woo.

Me wearing Liam’s
Heather Lauren

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