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My Diary // I always write in blue

Daily Planner // Diary
Both from Barnes & Noble

   About a year ago I wrote this post about a Lilly Pulitzer agenda that I bought and used [religiously] throughout my senior year of high school. I really loved the format and would 100% recommend getting one for it’s functionality. However, I’m moving as far away from the sorority girl status quo as I transition into high school, so this year I opted to get a nice leather agenda. I couldn’t find the style I wanted, so I just bought this plain leather journal from Barnes and Noble to fill out on my own instead. It’ll be a lot of work, but I love the journal, and I’m excited for the project. Also, I think Harry Styles has a very similar one…
   As for my diary, I bought this other journal six months ago or so and just recently started filling it out. I’ve never been good at keeping a journal because I think, and I quote from my journal, “it feels so boring to write down all of these boring details about my day.” Instead, I’ve been writing down short bullet points about each day: “good conversation with so-and-so about this,” “hung out with Abi at Starbucks,” and “went for a really nice walk.” I’ve been excited to keep up with it because I feel like I’m more focused on writing the most important parts of my day instead of spending a ton of time describing everything.

Hazza // source
Heather Lauren

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