How to Depot a MAC Eyeshadow

    After moving into a dorm-sized makeup storage system, I realized that I wanted to depot all of my MAC eye shadows and move them into a palette to save drawer space. I looked up some tutorials, gave it a shot, and thought I would show you how I did it with MAC “Black Tied.”

 1. Pop out the little plastic piece the pan is glued into. Most tutorials tell you to use a knife, but I found a pair of scissors was safer and just as effective.

 2. Melt the glue. I melted mine on a flat iron, and I do think this is the safest way to do it. Make sure you protect your iron (the plastic is going to melt, and you don’t want it sticking to your iron) with a sock or parchment paper. I melted mine at 400 degrees for a minute or so, just until the plastic at the bottom starts to get soft.

     3. Push in the plastic and remove the pan. Use scissors to push the soft plastic in, pushing out the metal pan. The glue should be melted enough for you to lift up the pan and pull the eye shadow out. Be careful, though, the metal is hot, so you might want to use a bobby pin for this part.

     4. Add a magnet and a label. I don’t have a magnet to glue on just yet, but all you need to do is buy a thin, round 1″ magnet and glue it on. Then, it will stick in your palette and you won’t have to worry about it falling out. If you’re depotting multiple eye shadows at one time, ordering a pack of magnets online is an easy way to get them.

Enjoy your fuller pallete- and remember to save the pots for “Back to MAC!”
Heather Lauren

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