Revlon Moisture Stain: "Parisian Passion" Swatch

    Let me introduce to you my new favorite fall lipcolor. I am in love with this Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain. I heard Zoe from Zoella talking about these in her October favorites video, so I thought I would give them a shot, and I fell in love with the formula. These are gorgeous and they feel so great on!

     I got the color “Parisian Passion,” and I love it! It leans on the plum/ pink side, so it’s perfect to satisfy all your “berry lip” needs this fall and winter. It’s glossy and smooth and it makes me feel so put together. Fun fact… I interviewed for a job wearing this and got hired on the spot. Not that all the credit goes to the lipstick, but it definitely made me feel confident, and I think that showed!

Definitely will be buying more shades!
Heather Lauren

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