Home For Christmas


It is officially Christmas break in my neck of the woods! I’m welcoming the cold weather and letting it freeze over my school email inbox that I don’t have to check for the next month. I also splurged on some nice tea yesterday, and I’m similarly hoping it will hypothetically melt my frozen-in-carbonite-like-han-solo skills for cleaning my room and living under a curfew again. I’m going to need more tea.
I got about 499.9987% of my shopping left to do for Christmas so I’m off to a great start. However, I spent about eleven million hours re-designing my blog, so I’m excited about that little glimmer of productive accomplishment today. Today was also my first official day of break, so that’s about all I’ve achieved besides raising my snapchat score. What a beautiful world.


  Hope you have some time off soon, too. Enjoy your holiday season!
Heather Lauren

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