Franklin’s Dickens of a Christmas 2014

Taken by Abi
How many boys did it take to take this picture? 4. 

    Random almost-rainy 50 degree weather, horrible parking, annoying announcers, extremely talented violin players, ten friends, street vendors, expensive food, and a giant Christmas tree can only mean one thing… the 30th Annual Dickens of a Christmas downtown Franklin.
   We spent most of the time huddled up together in the middle of the street instead of walking and browsing the shops.. but that’s what happens when you get 11ish people all together in a really busy square. It was great to see people from school and to catch up with some people that I hadn’t seen since before the semester started. These are some really cool people and I’m so glad that I have them around.
   After we watched Chalet Girl (Ed Westwick, marry me) and ordered pizza. Pretty much exactly what we do in Chattanooga dorms.. except here we have bigger screens… and sometimes the food is free.

Heather Lauren

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