Beach Makeup

   I always overpack, and although my condition is chronic, I still want to try and help the masses avoid sitting on their suitcases to zip them before caravaning down to the beach for spring break.
   I’ve been at the beach for four days now (more on that to come), so I’m definitely aware of the necessities and non-negotiables of beachwear, and it just comes down to being as bronzed as possible as sneakily as possible.
   My biggest concerns at the beach are having nice skin and looking feminine enough to pull off short hair. One of the most helpful products in the world is primer because it can do so much and primer is absolutely invisible. I use it on my cheeks to keep from being shiny, and then I can add in some golden glow wherever I actually want it. That is achieved through highlighter- liquid ones blend in the best and look the most natural. Finally, bronze up your cheekbones and your nose to deepen your tan and look even even when your sunscreen job lets you down in the skin tone department.
   Lashes are my final makeup concern- they make me look like a girl. If you want to go beyond that, add in some instant tanner to your lotion on the first couple of days on the water to keep from blinding people if you have a similar super pale skin tone to me. It’ll fade in the water, but if you’re laying out, it will do you well.
    If you want to sneak some eyeshadow or a lipgloss in your bag for a special dinner, go for it, but honestly, just put some bronzer on your eyes and call it a day (or night). Less is more all of the time… but especially at the beach!

Heather Lauren
(p.s- painting your nails goes a long way!)

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