Lessons From Spring Break 2015

  1. I like plain lattes. Slowly growing to like plain coffee more.
  2. Pazookie is amazing (a giant half-cooked cookie cake with icecream on top, eaten by many out of a pan).
  3. There is no place for anxiety in the Christian life, even in situations that would be world-altering to a non-believer.
  4. The DLOW shuffle is incredibly fun.
  5. Windows down is the best way to drive, even if you’re cold.
  6. Don’t buy cheap jewelry. And if you’re gonna… don’t wear it in the ocean.
  7. Pushing through the need to be alone (as an introvert) doesn’t have to be draining. Even if it doesn’t come naturally, letting people that you love refresh you deepens relationships.
  8. You should put your parking pass back in your windshield once you get back to school. (Check).
  9. The beach is magical at night.
  10. If there’s five dead cockroaches under the couch in your room, you’ll [likely] survive.
  11. Journaling is so rewarding, especially if you write about things that change day to day.
  12. It is so weird to go on vacation and then go “home” to school and not to my actual house with my actual family.
  13. Paying for food is horrible.

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