Spring Flowers

     This weekend, I set out on an ordinary shopping trip to walmart with some friends- not planning on adopting any floral beings- but as soon as we parked and saw all the flowers in the garden section looking beautiful and colorful in the sunshine, we decided we definitely needed to go buy some. If that tells you anything… let it just show that you can start a little garden of your own with so little commitment and only around $5.

    Walmart had a small variety of annuals in little pots for $0.98 each, and I made the mistake of picking up two of them and bonding with them (does anyone else do that? I can’t pick things up in a store and then put them back down. Especially if they’re beautiful, cute, or sentimental in any kind of way). Long story, I got both.

     Pots and the flowers were both around $1 each. I stole some dirt from a flower bed on campus (Don’t tell. I’m paying tuition. Surely I can have some University dirt. Good grief.) I painted the pot with grey paint I already had, and all in all it totaled around $4 or $5 for an entire pot of flowers.

     I’m probably going to kill them, but I’m moving home in a month, so maybe I won’t have time to do any permanent damage before mom can fix them.

    I ended up with a Zinnia and a Verbena. They both needed the same amount of sun and water, so hopefully they’ll keep well together.

Happy Spring!
Heather Lauren
 p.s. – working on layout things, so bear with me. 

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