Summer 2015 Playlist

Photo by Abi, my very talented friend

    Most of my playlists, like this one, are time capsules of memories and feelings from different phases of my life. I’ve been using spotify for the last year or so now and I’ve really enjoyed it. Here’s the breakdown of the Summer list so far.

1. Chloroform [Phoenix]- “It’s not a lot it’s just enough to matter”

2. Don’t Wanna Fight [Alabama Shakes]- “The constant dedication // Keeping the water and power on // There ain’t nobody left // Why can’t I catch my breath?”

3. Killin’ The Vibe [Ducktails] “Don’t go killin, killin the vibe”

4. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright [Mike Mains & The Branches] “You gotta fill your mind with new horizons or your dreams will pack their bags”

5. Go [Grant Terry] “All you want from me is just someone to entertain ya // you keep me close enough, but never close enough to date ya”

6. Wild Heart [Bleachers] “I will find any way to your wild heart”

7. From Now On [The Features] “From now on, from now on we’ll be // you and me, we will be”

8. Money Can’t Buy [Howard] “While you’re out enjoying, the summer is bloomed // I’m still stuck ignoring inside my cocoon // I dearly miss you”

9. Young Journey [Moon Taxi] “Young Journey, take me far away from here”

10. Cool [Gwen Stefani] “And it’s such a miracle that you and me are still good friends // after all that we’ve been through // I know we’re cool”

11. Nightcall [Kavinsky] “I’m giving you a night call // to tell you how I feel” If you’re going to drive at night (which I would recommend always) this is the best song.

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