What Not To Bring To College

   Hello, lovelies and sirs! As I sorrow in the stress of finding places to put my entire dorm room back into my house after moving home [three weeks ago… still unpacking, much to my mother’s dismay] I thought I would share my wisdom with thee as to what things you can leave behind. So I made you a list of all the things I wish I hadn’t taken with me over the river and into Gig City for the semesters. Because transporting them there, storing them in a small space, bringing them back, cramming them into crevices here, and realizing I didn’t need them in the first place is frustrating.

   Disclaimer~ I lived in an apartment style dorm with a common kitchen where I had my own cabinet, shelf in the pantry, bedroom, and space under the bathroom counter. So, I probably overpacked by a considerable amount for the people who are living in “real” dorms. Sorry to you lot.

WHAT NOT TO BRING, gents and ladygents:

1. More than two plates and cups. You’re not going to be making food for people. It will not happen. Also, if you have more than two plates or mugs or cups and you use them and leave them in the sink, your roommates are going to hate you (from experience). If you have a small amount of dishes, you’ll be required to keep washing them so you can use them, which is a win win win win win situation.

2. Extra light bulbs. Horrible to store because they’re delicate. My light bulbs I bought brand new at the beginning of the year and they lasted the whole year. I use my lamps 100%  of the time, too, because I hate the fluorescent lighting. Don’t store unnecessary extra things that you could go out and buy.

3. The wii. Protip: they have to connect to the wifi to play DVD’s, so unless you have a really intuitive feel for wii-wifi connections, don’t bother. Also: go outside.

4. All your shoes, shirts, and socks. I didn’t wear heels once at school and brought three pairs. Three. I guess maybe if you’re rushing and partying that’s a different story, but I wear the same two pairs of shoes all the time and should have left the rest at home. I brought all these things thinking ‘well what if  I need them,’ and realized that if I hadn’t had them, I would have worn something else and been fine.

5. Posters [hear me out, bring as many as possible, but limited wall space will have you awkwardly storing the extras and trying not to crush them].

6. Do not bring one of those shower caddies that every youtuber in the world will tell you to bring- not the one with the big handle in the middle. My hair barely passes my ears and I have more shower products than will fit in that thing. You don’t need the sections to organize your stuff. You know what’s in there. Don’t buy one with sections because nothing fits.

7. Delicate anything. Jewelry, decorations, keepsakes. I had more than one nerf fight in my room and many a dance party, and you don’t need any of that stuff anyway. Memories > mementos.

8. Junk food. If you buy it you will eat it. Do not buy it.

9. Countertop decorations. Bring as many wall decorations as you can possibly find, but know that cute jars and snowglobes and vases will be homeless because your dreams are big and your desk is small. Sorry to break it to you.

10. A stapler. This is probably bad advice, so bring one anyway or whatever, but I didn’t use mine once. And for the love of everything, don’t bring extra staples. Are you kidding me??

To quote my roommate: “basically you need only a toothbrush and mold cleaner.” That’s as real as it gets. We had a huge mold issue… so yeah, be prepared for that. Do what the cool kids do and name your mold to better appreciate its presence. [Ours is Steve, so just know Steve has been taken.] Commence “showering with Steve” jokes!

Tips on what to pack coming shortly! xx
Heather Lauren

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