What To Pack For College


   This time last year, I spent hours on hours researching what to pack for college and read up on advice from tons of girls a year older than me who had just done it. It feels so strange to be in this position a year later, knowing the answers to every single question I had. I don’t feel anywhere near as cool as I thought all those girls were. Life is weird that way, I guess.

   But anyway- yesterday I posted a list of things you should avoid bringing, so today’s edition brings you all the stuff I would recommend having.

What You Should Bring To College
  • Mold Cleaner. We lived in what I believe to be the oldest dorms on campus- and it very literally showed. We named our mold Steve, but he was still very unwelcome. Kill him with kindness. Or bleach. 
  • Bug Spray. Skip the kindness and go for the Raid. 
  • Stamps and envelopes. Sorry I forgot to write you back, Ellie. 
  • Checkbook (needed it for riding lessons, renting camping gear from school, etc…)
  • Duct tape, multiple scissors. I bought a roll of One Direction duct tape at the beginning of the year, used it sparingly [intrinsic value of 1D duct tape is unreal] and still used almost all of it. My lights were almost exclusively held up by the ot5 by the end of the year because command strips, like all of us, eventually meet their demise. At one point we had to duct tape our shower head into the shower, another time we duct taped our fridge door handle back on… {If there weren’t already enough “showering with steve” jokes, imagine how that went.} Also scissors have two legs so they walk away.
  • Ten trillion command strips. Like I said, most of them fell eventually because my lights I used them for were heavy and also the walls weren’t good surfaces to stick on. Bring backups!
  • Backup phone chargers (I broke at least three this year. Get it together, Apple)
  • Lamps and String lights. Buy them like you’re a wedding planner for a wedding in a black hole. Because dorm rooms are about that dark to begin with and the lighting is so ugly it will make you want to jump into the aforementioned black hole. 
  • Curtains. My room came with blinds, but they had big holes in them and were a pain to move because they didn’t fit through a bar we had in the middle of the window. Also, hem them before you move in, if you can. Mine were two feet too long and all too often I stepped on them, pulled the tension rod down, and hit myself on the head. 
  • As much laundry detergent as you can get your parents to pay for before the year starts and you have to pay for it yourself.
  • A Journal. Bullet journal one thing you did every day, tape concert tickets inside, doodle, whatever. We’ll all have social media to keep our pictures, but keep your thoughts somewhere, too. 
Other random things:

  • Memorize your social security number if you haven’t already!
  • On move in day, clean the whole dorm before you bring any boxes in.

Leave me questions in the comments or tweet me @heathernewlin96 if you have questions or want to talk about college! I love to talk. Clearly. And please appease my narcissistic brain by asking me about one of the few topics I can actually answer questions on. 
Heather Lauren

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