Room Inspiration Collage

Room Inspiration Collage

   This summer I’m re-doing my room at home and I’ve been filing through Pinterest and design blogs to find inspiration. Here’s my favorite DIY ideas compiled!

1. This shelf I found on pinterest is so cool! I can probably make the flowers or get them cheap at a craft store. I already have the string lights, and I most definitely (mos def) have enough stuff to put on it.

2. I’m obsessed with this Macrame Curtain from A Beautiful Mess. It looks so easy and fun to make, and I have two unnecessary doors in my room.

3. I really want to put a cool pattern at the back of my bookshelf, and This Ikat stencil DIY might be the way to go.

4. The link I found it on was broken, but I likey the stripey.

5. I love the idea of framing a door with pictures or art like this one.

6. Washi tape projects are so cool because they can be so cool and also temporary. I like this graphic wall pattern from Maiko Nagao

Follow my design board for this project here!

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