Random Facts About Me


  • NeRd AlErT I love minecraft, but my laptop can’t support it. So I watch YouTube videos of other people playing. All the time. I can honestly say I’d freak out more if I met Ethoslab than if I met Harry Styles. Still love you, though, Hazlan.
  • I ride horses and I’m part of my college team. I ride English, but I haven’t jumped in a while because I fell and hurt my back in January. I might be largely in control of the team next year and that terrifies me, but it could be a really cool opportunity.
  • My favorite book is “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. It was rumored that it might be made into a movie. Part of me hope it won’t be, because there’s no way it would be as good.
  • I really want to get an ellipsis tattoo on my wrist. (If you check my favicon, the little icon in the tab, you’ll see one there). I love the idea that there is more to come, specifically in Heaven. No matter how hard things get, everything is temporary and God has promised us an eternity of communion with Himself if we love Him. I was planning on getting it at the end of the summer, so we’ll see!
  • I love concerts! This year I saw Michael Franti, Trevor Hall, SOJA, Dr. Dog, Noah Gundersen, Cereus Bright, Johnnyswim, Jesse McCartney, and mewithoutyou. How’s that for a weird list?
  • Sometimes I have panic attacks if I’m feeling stuck.
  • I’m studying Communications, which I’ve talked about, but I’ve considered double majoring in Graphic Design or English. I want to write for PR/Marketing/Social Media/Advertising for small businesses, or hopefully myself (if y’all keep reading this blog I’m golden.)
  • I’ve worked at Old Navy and Bath and Body Works. Totally believe in both brands, even after having worked there. Now I work at a local place that does smoothies and juices, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. I feel really, really lucky to work there.
  • I love journaling and painting as creative outlets. Of course, writing also. I also love to read; to me, searching and finding something that represents how I feel is just as satisfying as creating it myself. Mostly because someone else probably did it better than I could, but also because it connects me to someone else.
  • For the aesthetic appeal of this post alone, I’m going for ten facts. In 8th grade I spit doritos in my boyfriend/crush’s lunch because he made me laugh. Hi, if you’re reading this. Sorry about that.


Heather Lauren


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