Friday Diary: Nashville

   Happy Friday! I’m spending most of today reading, {I hope}, so here’s a review of a more inspired version of a Friday that happened to me last week.

~All pictures by Abi. See her website here!

      Last week we knew we wanted to go on a “Nashville coffee adventure” [it truly takes an adventurous heart to go into the city for a coffee] and since my ignorant, caffeine deprived, owner-of-$5 self had never been to Crema, we started there. As a changed woman, I can now assert that I am no longer ignorant, caffeine deprived, or the owner of $5.

   We had such a good conversation about originality in a “Nashville coffee adventure” world. These girls are truly unique, interesting, and so beautiful. I had such a good time listening to their wisdom and thoughts.

   The rules of the universe mandate that every crusade must begin with caffeine. Of course, Abi + Abi were spelled Abby + Abby, but the coffee was amazing. I got a Cuban latte- and I don’t know if it’s a common thing that everyone knows about except me- but it was a latte made with sweetened condensed milk, and it was as good as it sounds. My grandma says that she used to eat sweetened condensed milk out of the jar in college… these lattes might be my version.

   There were so many cool cars around everywhere we went, so we documented most of them. I’m legitimately surprised we didn’t set any of these car alarms off. Sorry I left handprints on all of your cars, people of Nashvegas. 

   Long story short, we shopped at Urban, climbed on a giant mosaic dragon at the park, spent about ten minutes upside down in a tunnel, listened to some really, really good music, and laughed for pretty much the whole day. Super, super, great day.  

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