Blogging 1010: 5 Lessons in Blog Photography

   Photography is something that I am definitely not good at. I’ve taken photography classes and art classes, but judging composition and lighting doesn’t come naturally to me. However, I’ve read up on a ton of advice for the photographically challenged and come up with a bunch of ways to help my chronic condition. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. First of all, having at least one picture per blog post is really important. Walls of text are really difficult to get through in the first place, but images help to pique interest and give your reader a quick first impression on what your post is about. So always include pictures! Literally, even if it’s just a selfie.

2. These videos by Dana of WonderForest go through submitted blogs and review their formats. Often, Dana mentions that people are using pictures that are too small for their layout, leaving unnecessary white space that could be used to say something cool. Basically, use images to add visual interest to your blog, and don’t let any real estate go to waste.

3. Any kind of similarity between your pictures adds a lot of credibility to your blog. If you put your blog logo on the corner of all of them, use a consistent frame, or edit them all with the same filter, it can help your site look neat, thought out, and professional.

4. Center aligning your pictures helps the flow of your page, and making all of your images the same size looks orderly.

5. As for the actual photography process, find the best camera you can access and use it. My mom has a better camera than I do, so I use it when I can, but iPhone pictures usually can work really well. There are tons of helpful videos to help you with composition and tips on lighting/camera settings if you are photographing certain things. In general, go for natural light and a consistent background. That can do wonders for your photo quality.

People who know more about this than me:
1. Dana specializes in blog beautification and is a great photographer.
2. Vivianna is one of my favorite bloggers, and she details a lot of her tips here.
3. Abi is an amazing photographer that I know, who inspires me constantly. Check her out!

Good luck!
Heather Lauren

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