Blogging 1010: Keeping Inspired

Inspiration Station
  I’m such a sucker for those “popular page of instagram” “You Can Do It!” cute-font-on-a-white-background pictures that are all over instagram. Absolutely love them. I think the typography gets to me first and foremost…

…but on a deeper level, I love the concept of fragmented, created inspiration. I love that I can “artificially” inspire myself- create inspiration when I want to be able to be creative or interesting- and end up feeling the same way as if I had naturally experienced something that motivated me. I’m so thankful that the world is so full of inspirational things that I can be perpetually inspired if I keep looking. As Mindy Gledhill says,

 “I wanna hold the whole wide world
Right here in my open hands,
Maybe I’m just a little girl
A little girl with great big plans.”

   Sometimes inspiration runs out when you want it to be there but- thank the goodness- you can get inspired and all that is required is your desire to admire and aspire. As long as You Got It (The Right Stuff), you’re set.

Some of my Pinterest feed from my “Inspiration” board. Follow it here!

Getting Inspired
   For blogging specifically, googling ideas to write about is really easy to do. If you need a filler blog post, or even if you’ve been stuck for a while, there are tons of lists out there that can give you ideas for new projects, series, and topics to capitalize on your blog’s point of view and cultivate content for your readers that they will love.
   However, I think a better way to get inspired is to input things that I would like my output to equal. Reading blogs I admire, watching youtube videos from creators I love, and scrolling through pinterest shows me content similar to what I would hope to create and inspire me.
  If I want to do one better, getting out there and doing something is the best way to encourage your creative capacities. Listening to music my friends like, driving, watching a movie, having a great conversation that affects my perspective, reading interesting things, trying new things, or trying new social situations all make me think differently and incite me consider what I’ve experienced. Touch the world and respond to what you find.

Things To Keep In Ya Mind

  • Every single day of your life can be Monday, January 1, 2000. You can start new things, end things, and drastically impact your world any time you want. Every day does not have to be just another day. One time I read somewhere and was reminded that it is totally within your power to walk up to a random stranger and kiss them. [I wouldn’t recommend this, but the thought is intriguing and empowering.] Obviously, absurdist, existential, “I’ll do whatever I want because I’m a human with intrinsic value/ this is ‘merica/ we’re all going to die anyway” is a super dangerous way to think sometimes, but it really influenced how I see my daily life in a positive way. [If you’re into all that, read Camus.] I think our ceiling is our aspiration and not our opportunities.
  • If something isn’t inspirational to you, that’s okay. If you don’t like it, thats okay. If you can’t find anything you like, that’s also okay. Be unique and celebrate your preferences.
Cool Things To Czech Out
Heather Lauren

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