My MAC Lipstick Collection

   MAC is probably my favorite lipstick brand. Their colors are phenomenal, they’re not insanely expensive for a reasonably high-end brand, and there’s constantly new collections. Plus they smell like vanilla, so…

Rebel, Ruby Woo, Morange, Girl About Town, Syrup, Creme Cup, Hue
  • Creme Cup- “Light blue pink, Cremesheen.” My first MAC lipstick. I never wear it any more, it’s too light for my taste, but it is really pretty.
  • Syrup- “Cloudy pink, Lustre.” Gorgeous berry pink. One of my most worn and most loved.
  • Hue- “Soft pale pink, Glaze.”  My go-to nude lipstick. Peachy-pink perfection.
  • Ruby Woo- “Very matte vivid blue-red, Retro matte.” Difficult to wear because it’s so, so dry, but it looks phenomenal.
  • Girl About Town- “Bright blue fuchsia, Amplified creme.”
  • Morange- “Loudmouth orange, Amplified.” One of my favorites. Looks awesome in the summer.
  • Rebel- “Midtonal cream plum, Satin.” Ironically one of my most-worn. So cool in fall/winter. 
   If you want to invest in a quality red lipstick or an everyday one or a crazy friday night hot pink, MAC is a great brand to buy from. All the colors are solid and the quality is great, so I would say go for it! Treat yo self.

Heather Lauren

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