7 Things no. 3

Weekly list of 7 things.
This week: 7 thoughts/ goings on/ things/ occurrences/ processes/ goals
I wrote this Sunday and now I’m editing/ posting it Tuesday, so enjoy the dualism/reflection.

1. I decided today that I’ll do a juice cleanse starting tomorrow. Probably for just one day, but I would love to do two or three. Time will tell.

update: I ate an oreo so it was a definitive flop.

2. I’m painting my room this week. I want it to be feminine, minimal, and airy. The walls will be light blue/green, and everything else white or grey. I’m so excited to be in a new space.

update: It’s painted! It needs a second coat, but I lurve it.

3. I’m going to run a half marathon! I decided to run one next summer, and I’m going to do a six mile race at the end of the summer with my dad to help train. I’m so excited to have a long-term goal. I’ve loved running lately, especially outside. I did a five mile run with Abi last week to Starbucks, which was so fun and challenging. I’ve never been an outside-runner, so it’s motivating to run to something instead of just hamstering it on the treadmill.
4. My big goal for this week is to read every morning and paint every night. Chloe said she really enjoyed reading to start her day, and I want to get back in the habit of reading and journaling- especially as a quiet time- but also just in general. I have a really crazy work schedule, and I have a hard time feeling centered when I’m super busy and all my time is divided out to other people. I want to be able to introvert and be creative and thoughtful every day. That also reminds me that I want to get back into doing yoga more! I really need to try hot yoga…
5. This week I went to see Aloha, that new Bradley Cooper movie about the war veteran who returns to Hawaii and collides with both his ex and enigmatic Emma Stone (I loved it, by the way. It was written with lots of holes in the script and really organic dialogue, and I really liked how that made it feel less like a “movie,” and more like it was a real story.) But anyway- the movie was set in Hawaii, and the soundtrack was full of gorgeous ukelele melodies and hawaiian songs, so I’ve been listening to it most of my mornings this week. Give it a listen- it’s all on spotify. My favorite ones are the Slack Key Lullaby, Hanohano Hanalei, and I’ll Weave A Lei Of Stars For You.
6. Blogging lately has been so fun for me. This particular week I worked about 40 hours and I haven’t had anything to write about or seemingly any time to write it, but I’ve been so inspired by reading blogs and planning mine.
7. I think I’m going to redesign my blog [again.] I’ve been messing around with the design for two years now and never really settled on a theme I really like. I’m already bored of the fonts I’m currently using and I have a million ideas about what I want to do next. I bought my domain and might move over to wordpress, so I’ll probably wait until that happens to change things, but big things are coming! I think.

Heather Lauren

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