Weekend Playlist

Happy Weekend!
Or, happy Monday if you’re like me and you’re working for the next five days. I’ve only been listening to about five songs for the past few days, and I’ll likely continue to do so throughout the “weekend,” because I’m feelin the vibes and life is monotonous.
Crisis aside, here’s my playlist:

1. lovers’ carvings– Bibio. I’ve listened to this song on repeat for 90% of the week. If you listen to any songs off this list, make it this one. I fall asleep to it, I drive to work listening to it, and I’m listening to it right now. It reminds me of “Heather’s Song” by Andy McKee, which is (obviously) an all-time favorite of mine. I honestly don’t even know many of the words, I just love how it sounds. “Lover’s names, carved in walls, overlap, start to merge.”

2. Bros- Wolf Alice. This video is amazing! This song means a lot to me. I forget who showed this to me- I stuck it in my “listen again later” playlist and found it again three weeks ago or so, but I’ve been listening to it all the time since. “Me and you, me and you, me and you, we could do better, I’m quite sure.”

3. Satellite– Guster. This played on a rainy day at work. “I like it a lot” – Ace Ventura. “Shining like a work of art, hanging on a wall of stars, are you what I think you are? / You’re my satellite, you’re riding with me tonight, passenger side, lighting the sky, always the first star that I find.”

4. Dearly Departed– Shakey Graves feat. Esme Patterson. Shout out to Abi Lewis for showing me this song and listening to it with me about a thousand times since. Shakey Graves are coming to LOTG this year! I’m super excited and I really want to go the night they’re there, so if anyone wants to roadtrip back to Smashville with me that weekend, hmu. “You and I both know the house is haunted, and you and I both know that the ghost is me.” 

Heather Lauren


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