Monday Diary no. 2

Collection of pictures and thoughts from Monday. 
I didn’t have to work until 11 Monday, so sleeping in was a nice start to the day. I got up around 9 when the sunshine through the windows became a bit much and made a giant cup of coffee. Shower thoughts this particular morning featured a heavy emphasis on the questionable length of nuclear codes (like, seriously, how long does a code have to be to ensure that level of security? I did not know.) I also thought about how that one hilarious picture I had taken that morning of my alfalfa hair bun (see above) would make for a great blog post.
Moving swiftly on into the gallery of cat pictures-
I don’t really feel like apologizing for the cat gallery… Herbie and I spent a significant portion of the morning together dancing to Bibio and drinking (and spilling) aforementioned-and-unfortunately-now-cold coffee. But that’s okay. Herbie and I like Bibio and coffee in all of its temperatures. 
Herbie and I were the only ones home, so he was really interested in standing as close to me as possible. 

Then I drove to work with my very-very-very-not-hot coffee. Also accompanying my ride was the Gone Girl redbox I should have returned four days ago (Gone Girl was amazing, btw. Probably one of my favorite movies now).

Monday hair. Short hair updos = weird braids and lots of little pieces sticking out. Kinda okay with it.
 I don’t know what I would do if messy hair wasn’t at least kind of on trend.

   Chocolate smoothie I made for lunch. Kinda looks like an atmosphere smoothie though, there’s so many bubbles. I don’t really understand smoothie physics but the amount of air in them goes beyond me. Definitely not majoring in that. 
    I got home late and then went to Dinner at a Taco place in Nashville, which was super good. I got three (tres) amazing (increible) tacos (tacos) and then went to the Escape Game in Nashville with a bunch of friends from church. It was super fun and really challenging, so I would totally reccomend going. When I got home from that, I spent an hour or so working on typography for a birthday card I ended up giving up on and throwing away and crashed around 1 am. Very solid day. 
Heather Lauren

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