My Leather Journal Planner

Feeling organized and productive is a really encouraging part of having purpose during the week and staying motivated to keep working and accomplishing things. My little homemade agenda is a great visual space for me to plan and schedule out my week.

Leather Planenr
I want to decorate the outside but I’m too scared I’ll screw it up to commit to a design.

Last year, I bought a plain leather journal and filled in my own days instead of buying a regular planner. It takes quite a bit of time to write out all of the pages; I start with the month at the top, write out each day Monday to Sunday, and then fill in each of the days’ numbers. I fill in a semester at a time- in slow, sixteen week sections- and marvel at the increasing illegibility of my handwriting across the pages.

If that didn’t talk you out of trying to make your own, definitely try it. I like the ability to add in extra pages for monthly sections if I want them or customize each page as I want it. I like that I can leave more room for specific days if I know I’m going to be doing a lot (like the weekend of my birthday or over breaks from school). I also left a bunch of pages blank in the beginning for notes, a page for passwords, and intro pages to each semester.

Leather Planner
My inside cover is filled with sticky note pads, song lyrics, CD’s, coffee sleeves, business cards, and index cards.
Leather Planner
An empty week
Leather Planner
A finished week from last semester
Leather Planner
This week

Doing your own planner is tedious, but sitting down each semester to write out each page ahead of time is a really valuable time for me to think about the weeks ahead and pray over my semester. It’s amazing to write out all the days and then to know that some of those days that I’ve just considered so insignificantly will have an impact on my life. This journal symbolically for me offers a time of reflection, anticipation, and expectation for what God will do. He is already among the pages of my future and I’m excited to walk through them with Him. Here’s to a great semester!



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