Sunday Seven no. 5 | Songs

Weekly list of seven things.

Shoutout to my roommates for listening to these every time I shower, study, or sleep.


I’ve been through the desert
And I’ve been across the sea
I’ve been walking through the mountains
I’ve wandered through the trees

-Lord Huron

  1. She Lit a Fire- Lord Huron
  2. Edge of Desire- John Mayer
  3. Boy With a Coin- Iron & Wine
  4. Reverse Skydiving- Hot Natured
  5. Kristofferson’s Theme- Alexandre Desplat
  6. Sandy- Oh Mercy
  7. In My Life- Jake Shimabukuro

It’s been a long week. I expected school to start feeling like home faster than it has. I’m missing Franklin and family quite a bit + I’m very excited to drive back this weekend.

Let me know if you know any of these + have a great week!



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