August Nail Polish Favorites

Nailpolish Favorites
[l to r: Size Matters | Bubble Bath | Pimms | Parka Perfect | British Racing Green]
Abi has taken a psychology class or two over the last few years of school, and one time she told me about the way color helps us to remember. I’ve heard that using colored pens or paper and visually organizing things you’re studying is a good way to help your brain group things.

Similarly, I group days and memories by nail polishes. Maybe not because of the colors- while I do think that helps, especially with my tendency to trend some crazy shades a couple in a row. Not that it’s some special skill, I think a lot of people who collect things do this. I have a couple of memories tied to each shade- where I bought it or where I’ve worn it-  and it’s a nice way to remember special days.

I got the red from my aunt and uncle on my birthday; it was one I asked for and they got it for me. I remember trying on all the different colors they got me at the table sitting next to my aunt. We were eating sandwiches and chips and I couldn’t eat anything because my nails were wet. The pink one I share with my mom and it reminds me of her. Yellow I bought at T.J. Maxx with the same aunt and uncle for dirt cheap. The light green I bought because it reminded me of Abi. When we went prom dress shopping, she said that was her favorite color dress. She used it before I did and I like that it reminds me of her. The dark green I bought on a special shopping trip with close family friends. I wore it on a date one time and I’m wearing it now.

Long story short, they’re special and tied with memories, and that is why I love nail polishes.

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Essie Size Matters- My favorite red. Probably going to put this back on next.

O.P.I Bubble Bath is sheer and classic and deserves all of the hype around it.

Butter London Pimms is one I’m not so sure about. I think it needs to be paired with a tan so it looks more sunshine than easy mac. Just sayin’. But it’s still real cute.

Essie Parka Perfect is shimmery and grey and gorgeous. I wore it to lake day (leg day) with CRU this weekend. It was a really cloudy day and honestly the aesthetic appeal was overwhelming. It’s the little things.

Butter London British Racing Green is on my hands now. It’s almost black but you can still tell it’s green, which is what I wanted. I’ll be wearing this all fall, I think.



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