Learning Three Things by the 30th

Three things I’m going to learn before September 30th.

Sunset Rock
sunset rock, chattanooga

I’m starting to realize this entire blog is comprised of posts composed of lists. However, I also chiefly operate under the “if you list it ya miss it” policy because making lists gives me so much comfort that I forget to actually do the things on them.

“We write things down so we can forget them.”

-Dr. Carmen Jiménez, UTC Spanish professor, on why we weren’t having a final exam and why we shouldn’t take notes because she wanted us to listen to her.

  1.  How to do a headstand (sirsasana) pose! I want to make yoga a more personal, daily part of life. This is the guide I think I’ll be going off of. By September 30, I want to be able to do it against a wall, and maybe next month I’ll try it on my own. A yogi I will be. Yoga, running, horseback riding, bike riding, and all other forms of physical activity make me feel spiritually grounded and I think focusing time daily to learn something will be a good extra little prayer time. My understanding of all things strengthens through comparison and symbolism, so I think working through problems like yoga poses will help me work through problems in my prayer life.
  2. How to self host a website and use FTP programs to upload a layout for this blog. I bought a new layout, I’ve downloaded some programs, I took a coding class, and gosh darn it I’m paying for hosting so I better be making the most of it. I need to make some appointments and meet with some people that are smarter than me and figure it all out. This blog is about to be beautiful, everyone. Get excited.
  3. How to be consistent in the Word. I started a new study about Women in the Bible on She Reads Truth and I want to learn over the next fifteen days to commit myself to learning. I want to do a better job of loving God with my mind, and so I think studying is the way to go.

“Jesus replied: “Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind,’ This is the first and greatest commandment.”

Matthew 22:37-38 NIV.

Other random things I’m also going to try to learn:

  • How to make actual real normal actual coffee in our coffeemaker.
  • How to study five weeks worth of my online history class for my test coming up.
  • How to unplug my brain a little bit and stay off my phone. My battery dies by 5 pm and that’s insane.
  • How to stop writing blog posts in list form.



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