Fall Sephora Haul


My birthday has come and gone, and so has the Sephora gift card I got, and so have the rewards points I’ve been saving up for the past four years… and the birthday gift credit from Sephora. TREAT YO SELF.


I wanted to find a new foundation to wear that I really loved that matched me well and didn’t irritate my skin, which I definitely think I found. I picked up the sample size of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and I’m really liking it. It blends better than anything I’ve ever tried, which is really important to me. I have bad skin, and it’s a commonly known fact that I have bad skin and I can’t really do anything about it than what I’m already doing, so my philosophy has been to do as much about covering it up as possible without anyone being able to tell I’m wearing makeup. Acne is not my fault, but bad makeup is. Trying to reduce that as much as possible. I think it’s working?

The Anastasia brow pencil I’ve had before, used up, and dearly missed, so I grabbed a new one. THESE ARE SO GOOD.

Benefit They’re Real is my favorite mascara. It makes my eyelashes so long I can’t wear my glasses… which is a really nice problem to have.

The last thing I actually paid real USD for is the NARS blush in “Sin,” which I’ve wanted for literally years. I like shimmery blushes a lot, and the mauve/more purple tones make it so cool for #fall.

All the rest of the things I got were free! The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in “Shadow” was one of the rewards points things, and it’s really great but I know I won’t use it much because it’s super cool toned and a little bit dark. I would definitely try out the other shades from the line, though, because it sets so well, I was really impressed.

The two NARS lip pencils came together as a birthday reward set. The set has “Cruella,” and “Rikugien.” Both are awesome colors. Get them.

The Bite lipstick and lipgloss were a set, but I don’t know if Sephora is still offering it as a reward thing. Who knows. They’re red, so I’ll probably barely wear them, but the shade of red is really great. Bite lip products are honestly phenomenal and they taste really good, so if you’re looking for a solid red lip combo, this is a good choice.

Hooray for makeup. Hooray for consumerism. Hooray for 0 rewards points. Treat yo self.



2 thoughts on “Fall Sephora Haul

  1. Awesome haul and a happy late birthday! I love Laura Mercier especially their Tinted Moisturizer. They do also have a foundation version of it. Maybe you can get a sample and try it out as well if you want more coverage than the tinted moisturizer. I love Benefit mascaras but my favorite right now is the roller lash mascara not because it actually curls my lashes but because it lengthens it. Have you tried it? I did a haul recently, mind checking it out? https://asalwaysnicole.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/cumulative-sephora-haul-2015/


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