Blue Blazes Hiking Trail

I prayed to find some pretty things, and I found them abundantly. I made a whole bouquet that I gathered as I went. I pressed one of the leaves and some flowers in my journal, and the rest of the bouquet I floated down the river.
My eyes are different colors! I have no idea why. Here’s my bouquet about halfway through. So many pretty things God has made.
This was the spot I studied and prayed at. I spent over an hour sitting on these rocks. There’s a few big ones you can sit on. It’s under the giant red sign about halfway down the trail if you want to find it.
The view from my little spot.

My roommate, Chloe, showed me this hiking trail at the beginning of the year, and it’s close proximity to campus, beautiful scenery, and river access made it one of my favorite places to go if I want to spend some time alone outside and off campus. Right now is a great time to go- the leaves were gorgeous and the weather has been perfect.

About the Trail:

  • Three miles long
  • On North Shore
  • 14 minute drive from UTC campus
  • Lots of parking
  • Up against a golf course, so it’s not entirely secluded, but some trails lead to beaches on the river that are beautiful.
  • Mostly wooded, would be easy to run on most of it.

There are severalĀ little side trails to trees, little fields, beaches (sandy ones and rocky ones), and a swamp. There’s also a few little log bridges that are quirky and fun. I may or may not have danced across them.

This is a great place to go and find a place to pray or study, to run, or to walk and talk with friends. Totally check this out if you’re looking for an easy, quick hike. You could make it to the trail, around it, and back to campus in under an hour, so squeeze it into your schedule if you have the time!

Thanks to Chloe for showing this trail to me!



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