Walk The Moon at The Ryman


Talking Is Hard Tour | Nashville | The Ryman | Night II | Oct 17


  • The Circle of Life
  • Jenny
  • [Talking Is Hard album in order]
  • encore: 
  • Lisa Baby
  • Quesadilla
  • I Can Lift A Car
  • Anna Sun

Walk The Moon played such a great show. We ended up sitting in the eighth row [we upgraded ourselves from the balcony seats we paid for into two aisle seats nobody was sitting in up front.] They were awesome live and all their music is awesome to dance to, which made it a great time. I was getting really scared at the end that they wouldn’t play Anna Sun. I hadn’t looked up the setlist beforehand. Everyone was chanting for it, and of course they did it, and everyone went nuts and sang so loud. I came home yelling and a little bit deaf.

According to the Ryman’s website, Harry Houdini, Charlie Chaplin, Katharine Hepburn, and even president Theodore Roosevelt have been on the Ryman stage. Designed by architect Hugh Cathcart, it was built in 1892 to project voices clearly and powerfully, so acoustically, it’s a really impressive venue. In 2001 it was declared a National Historic Landmark. In an effort to maintain continuity with the Opry’s storied past, a large circle was cut from the floor of the Ryman stage and inlaid into the center of the new Opry stage.[1]  In 2001, it was declared a National Historic Landmark.

So it’s a pretty cool place. And I had never been until WTM! I’m so glad I got to go. Thanks Mary for coming with me!



  1. Smith, Loran (January 24, 2013).Wikipedia. “A visit to the Grand Ole Opry brings precious memories”. The News-Reporter. Retrieved 29 November 2014 and 21 October 2015.

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