My Friday Playlist

not mine | by Rubyetc | probably my favorite artist | exemplary of me because happy because friday and also me because angry because spotify.
This post is a little bit difficult and emotional for me to write. Last week my dearly beloved debit card was hacked and I had to cancel it. Therefore, I missed my spotify payment. And now I no longer have spotify premium until my payment goes through. Keep me in your prayers.

Here’s what I wish I could listen to ads-free today.

Sing– Esbe | If you check out any of these songs, make it this one. I’m obsessed with it.

FortyFive– Bootstraps | The second you should definitely listen to. “Forty-five is slower when it spins on our recorder”

Shadow People– Dr. Dog | “Where did all the shadow people go? I wanna know”

Shiver Shiver– Walk The Moon | “I choose the methods I do best”

I Can Lift A Car– Walk The Moon | “Did you, did you, did you know that, I can lift a car up all by myself?”

I Feel It All– Feist | “Ooh, I’ll be the one who’ll break my heart // I know more than I knew before”

Oba, La Vem Ela– Jorge Ben Jor | All of these lyrics are sweet. They’re in spanish. “A noite é linda e ela mais ainda”



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