The Chattanooga Market

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The Chattanooga Market

First Tennessee Pavilion | 1829 Carter Street | 11-4 | Sunday

Synonymous for Sunday here is browsing The Chattanooga Market. Live music, fresh produce, and local art decorate the First Tennessee Pavilion, offering artisan quality goods from 11-4 every Sunday through December. Frommers named the Chattanooga Market as one of the Top Ten Best Public Markets in America, and ambling through it this morning I learned why.

Sipping cider and stepping alongside my parents, we sampled scones and talked about Christmas gift ideas, collecting insanely cheap, fresh veggies, a Christmas candle, Yellow Deli sandwiches, and cider as we “followed the lemmings.” They had absolutely everything: jewelry of all kinds, wall art, metal and wood work, candles, food, coffee (for $2!), food trucks, ice cream, flowers, and live music.

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Spaghetti squash ($2), cucumbers ($3 for four), bell peppers ($1 each), and whispering pine candle from Peacock Candles.

The prices were better than I even had hoped, and I’m really happy to have fresh local food to eat this week. I’ll be making spaghetti squash for the first time, which I’m excited about, and juicing all the cucumber with some apple, kale, and lime that I already had. The peppers will probably be omelette peppers, or I might cave and carve them up early for the spaghetti.

FYI, if you want some flowers, you’re going to have to go earlier than I did. Most of the flower booths were sold out, which is awesome, but I’m a little bit jealous I didn’t get any new sunflowers (mine are looking less like sunflowers and more like doneflowers).

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Lunch from Yellow Deli. Their Turkey Pesto sandwich is phenomenal. Also. Cider. Yum. We sat on the ledge on the edge of the pavilion because all of the tables were full. Good people watching spot to eat!

I really enjoyed going. I’m excited to do some cooking this week! Let me know if you’ve been to the Chattanooga Market… or if you want to come with me next Sunday.



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