The Cracked Screen Semester

bye felicia
In which I summarize a few of the awful things that have happened to me this semester for hilarity’s sake.

1. I cracked my phone screen. Katie and I went for a sunset run one Monday night. I was running across the bridge on the riverwalk, listening to Cherub, and I tripped on the little ledge at the edge of the bridge where the wood tries [and fails] to turn back into sidewalk. I threw my hands out to catch myself, effectively throwing my phone and landing hard on my hands [still have the scars from the mile long catastrophe]. There goes $109 worth of new glass.

2. The newspaper mysteriously stopped asking me to write for them weekly, which has sucked, honestly, because I put a lot of my self worth in my professionalism and publication. In their defense, I submitted an article late, so I see how its my fault, but that has sucked quite a bit.

3. While working on the photography for my Dorm Makeup Collection post, I was borrowing Abi’s external flash to use for lighting. I dropped it while walking it back to her room to put it away, and broke the knob that lets you change the temperature on the lighting, making it just as useful as a clock that’s stuck at one time. So now I have to replace it. In $225 or less. WHY HAS THIS BEEN SUCH A MONETARILY OFFENSIVE SEMESTER?

4. I got an ear infection. I also lost my voice, disabling me from ordering coffee for two days. Under caffeinated, I felt like a fish out of water and very much akin to Ariel, my speechless, swimming, spiritual sister.

5. I’m having a literal major crisis. Reconsidering my major [Do I want to write? Would I like to teach? Don’t I have an interest in real estate? Maybe I’ll be an olympic equestrian?] has consumed my mind. Also I have to declare a minor in the next four days because I have to pick my classes for next semester YAY.

6. Sophomore Slump is an apparent condition. I think the shot that you get that cures high school Senioritis re-infects you two years later with Sophomore Slump.

7. I went through a week phase of being very serious about piercing my septum. Deciding later not to do it and then hearing “I’m so glad you didn’t do that, it actually looked so bad.” From a few people who had told me to get it was a little upsetting. PLEASE DONT LIE TO ME. Thanks for not letting me do it, though.

all of my blog posts are lists.



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