October In Review | Instagram no. 2

Another month, another snug little collection of warm toned filters.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.48.31 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.48.55 AM

Statistics [in fraction form] from this month’s lameograms:

  • 6/18: black and white lameograms
  • 2/18: Horse Portraits. “horsetraits”
  • 1/18: Depictions of 4 year old me
  • 1/18 Portraits of Bebop the Otter
  • 2/18 A double post duo from Walk The Moon

October contained:

The Great Septum Crisis of 2015, a girls’ brunch, roller skating, lots of the walking dead, tons of blog posts, horseback riding with Abi, a trip to Ohio for a wedding, a Walk the Moon concert, fall break at home with family, joining the CRU prayer team, an attempt at acroyoga, my first solo hike, a trip to gentry’s farm, pumpkin pie baking, an Edward and Jane show in Cleveland, and meeting lots of new friends through CRU. It was a great month of beautiful weather and great friends.

My friend’s thoughts on this specific October:

“I hate Halloween. No, that’s lame. Ehh. Pumpkin spice lattes with weak coffee is what October was like.” -Abi Lewis

“Sucky. The worst ever. October: The Month of Suck.” -Caleb Jones

“October is off the chain.” -Graham McMains

Instagram Pie Chart

Follow me on instadarn for more warm filtered posts, latergrams of cats, + [likely] frequent Chattanooga skylines @missheathernewlin [personal] and @missheatherlauren [blog]



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