Four Silver Rings

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[Gandalf, holding the Ring out to Frodo after dropping it in the fire] “Hold out your hand, Frodo. It’s quite cool.” #true

I’ve been collecting a little set of these rings since I moved to Chattanooga, and I’ve finally found my favorite daily silver quartet. I wear two on each hand, and I love that all together they look really cool, but on their own they’re ladylike and elegant.

I thoroughly enjoy the sound rings make when:

  • Touching metal doorknobs, railings, and all types of china/dishware/both high + low quality plastics
  • Drumming on tables
  • [rare, but easily the most gratifying] waffle hand holding with someone also wearing rings

High quality, affordable, handmade sterling silver jewelry is awesome and hard to find- definitely check out Homegrown if you’re looking for jewelry in the Chattanooga area.

Do you habitually wear the same jewelry?



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