Sunday Seven: Some Songs

“Bondi Beach” by Grey Malin | Aerial shot of a beach in Sydney, which the song Perth was actually written about, fun fact. Perth just sounded better in the lyrics. source

Between the dates of August and December 2014, if I awoke between the hours of 7 and 9, I might have found a certain Chloe drinking coffee and reading in the living room of Boling 219. On an incalculably rare Saturday morning, Chloe would be playing a spotify playlist called “hi hello some songs,” therein containing Coffee by Sylvan Esso, which I captured [on Shazam] for my keeping and have loved dearly since that fateful Saturday.

All that to say, that playlist was especially golden, and now my associative brain loves the term “some songs.”

So, anyway. Here’s Some Songs. It’s supposed to be seven because Sunday Seven sounds good but there’s nine. Don’t complain, there’s worse problems in the world. Happy Sunday!

Some Songs

Not Into U- Astronomyy | I got my feelings up off the floor

Perth- Beirut | Not of this world / Lean as a shadow / I was in Perth / When I was gathered

Bad, Bad, Bad- LANY | Bad, bad, bad we’re in trouble now / Or so, so, so they’d say

Strange Attractor- Animal Kingdom | Well it must be chemical

From Now On- The Features | Only your dreams / From now on

Still- The Japanese House | You know you keep so still and maybe it’s a kind of flag / Maybe it’s the reason that I’m back

Someday- Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

Time To Run- Lord Huron | I wanted everybody else in the world to know it / but I ain’t ever gonna let ’em take my life from me

The Breach- Dustin Tebbutt | But did I show you love / In the author on my face / ‘Cause you know you left a hollow / Where your body cut an alcove. / Did I show you love / ‘Cause the silence never stayed

I’m seeing Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors this Thursday night at Track 29! Get yourself a ticket and come hang out with me!



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