I Do Not Have The Friday Feeling

courtesy of Gianluca Cosetta via Unsplash

Here’s a kaleidoscope of colorless text that represents an attempt to color in the similarly colorless non-friday-feeling friday feelings. 

I don’t know what this blog post is about. It’s not about anything.

Things on my mind [not money, sam smith and I are on the same page today]:

  1. Paris. Mostly Paris. I feel sad and very scared that I’m an adult now and I feel responsible to help.
  2. Vlogbrothers are doing Pizzamas again, and this video made me laugh out loud yesterday.

Cheez Doodles guy, Aleksander Gamme, a Norwegian Explorer who explored the South Pole on an 86 day solo trip posted this video in March of 2012. His video caption reads:

“This is day 86 on my full return South Pole Expedition 2011/2012. I`m quite hungry and about to pick up my last cache by my second pulk which I left on the way in. As a part of my motivational plan I have on purpose not made notes on what goodies I have left behind in the cache.. and on this last one, I didn`t expect very much.. Ironically my diet on this expedition was mainly based on superhealthy superfood”

Watching people be excited is delightful. The last time I was this excited, I found out that this guy I liked was going to be where I was going to be at the same exact time I was going to be there CAN YOU BELIEVE IT and I danced around my room wearing one shoe [because I found out mid shoe installation] to Stevie Wonder. The time before that, spotify shuffle did me a solid and played the Goo Goo Dolls. Here’s a video playlist of excited people Hank and John made. My personal other favorite is probably this video of John Boyega’s reaction to his own Star Wars trailer.

3. Star Wars is coming out in 34 days. I remember seeing Revenge of the Sith in theaters in 2005 with my dad. How cool to see the next one ten years later.

4. I watched Mona Lisa Smile this week, and oh man was it a great movie. Easily in my top 10 favorite movies now.


8. This

via @Rubyetc_
via @Rubyetc_

I am lonely and bored of doing school work for gen eds and I miss my family but I have too much fomo to go home. I’m sick of believing in the void; no one is going to read this and fix me. I am a person and you are all people or literate cats (hi) and our world is scary but we’re okay.

“We all long for Eden and are constantly glimpsing it: our whole nature is soaked with the sense of exile.” -Tolkien.

I think this happened because I’m too angry with my handwriting to write in my journal. I can’t look at my handwriting anymore. Does that happen to anyone else?

ok thank for reading.

love someone so hard today. everyone needs it.



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