Seven Happy Things | Sunday Seven

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@ my RA: what candle 

1.This week I rearranged my room! Wednesday was rainy, and we all stayed home for most of the afternoon and switched everything around. I found a couple of dead roommates [read: bugs] I didn’t know I was living with when I moved my dresser, so that was nice. I like it arranged this way much better than how it was before. It feels like a cave. In a good way.

2. Jack, Ethan’s hamster, died last Friday, but Ethan got a new hamster today! I’m so excited to go home Tuesday and meet him.

3. I finally bought some cranberry sprite [or cramberry sprite, its honorary, exam-season name.]

4. Friday night was the CRU Costume Party, which was so much fun. Afterward I told Katie that dancing and swinging are my two favorite activities [and strangely involve a lot of the same hip motions for me, unfortunately]. My bible study went as the plain white T’s. Such a fun night.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
The Plain White T’s

5. Saturday night was student night at Rock City, and CRU planned to go together. Also a super super super fun night. I had never been to Rock City, and it was freezing cold and beautiful and I think I laughed approximately 80% of the night and smiled the other 20%.

6. My parents put our Christmas tree up at home! I can’t wait to go home and see it. Also, my baby tree from home is up in my dorm room. WOO.

7. I’m going home Tuesday afternoon for Thanksgiving! So excited to see family and eat food. SO EXCITED.




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