Christmas Gift Guide for Her ($10)



Happy Thanksgiving week! Christmas is officially on my mind. I started shopping this week and have been making a big giant list of things I want to buy friends and family and thought I would throw together a compilation of all the best ideas the ten dollar mark can offer in hopes of giving you inspiration on what to buy [and also to give a heads up to all my lady friends as to what they’re probably getting.] Spoiler alert!


clockwise from top left

Candles | Bath and Body Works have phenomenal candles and you can get even the big giant ones for great prices ($8-$12) if you hunt for some coupons. Target also has some really good ones and a big soy candle selection if you’re into those like  I am.

Hot Chocolate Mix | mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhm 

Nail Oil | Kind of a random one, but I use mine every day on my cuticles and I love it. Making little sets of great nail stuff like this [include nail polish in a shade you own and want to pass on or one you bought if you want] makes an awesome gift. [No one wants to spend their own money on nail files, cotton balls, and nail polish remover, so include that stuff, too if you want to].

OPI Nail Envy | Nail envy is OPI’s basecoat and my personal favorite, but it now comes in cult favorite colors like Bubble Bath. WOO.

Etsy Notebooks | These are like $2 and they’re hardback! Personalize them with friends’ names or cute sayings to give them as gifts.

Watercolor Set | I bought a watercolor set last year and it was probably the most rewarding $3 I spent all year. Painting has become one of my favorite hobbies, and I know a lot of ladies who would love to watercolor as much as I do.

Wool Socks | I literally call these my “Marissa socks” [hi if you’re reading this, Marissa, you have cool socks.] These are super trendy and also 1000% functional.

LUSH Bath Bombs  | Every person alive needs to experience a LUSH bath. These three, butterbear, stardust, and ickle baby bot, are all less than $6. 

Coffee Mug | duh




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