December Bucket List

December Bucket List

I am two days and one final away from driving home for Christmas break! The excitement is real. Really, really real. It feels unreal that I don’t have to do school work for over a month. This semester has been hard and I can’t wait to spend time safe back at home where I feel comfortable and loved. My family is doing Christmas differently this year and I’m excited to see family I haven’t seen in awhile and make new traditions!

I’ll spend the next 48 hours packing, cleaning, and studying while I plan out the list of 48 things I’m excited to do when I get back, but here’s the first festive few bits of that lovely list that I’ve got so far.

As I’m writing this, I’m realizing it’s a very lame bucket list, but that’s ok.

December Bucket List2

  • Quite honestly, the thing I’m most excited to do when I get home is to be in the living room at my house with the Christmas tree lights on and a candle burning and my whole family together laying on the floor with our cat. Laying on the floor at our dorm is Risky Business but at home it’s Top Gun. #TomCruiseMoviesAsAdjectives

December Bucket List3

  • BATHS. Our shower here is as clean as we can keep it but it’s nowhere near acceptable for baths, so I’m determined to take as many as possible while I’m home. [especially after I make a lush order].
  • Laundry. Actually thrilled about doing laundry.
  • I get to make a new spotify playlist over break because it’s a self-defined and contained new season of life that deserves a playlist.
  • Work! I have the best job ever and I missed everyone I work with while I’ve been at school.
  • All the traditions: decorating cookies for Santa, driving to see Christmas lights, seeing the Downtown Franklin NOEL sign over Starbucks, shopping for presents, wrapping presents + listening to Punchinello [tradition], travelling to see family, sending and opening Christmas cards, watching all the claymation Christmas movies, binge-watching vlogmas videos, Franklin’s Dickens of a Christmas, putting my family’s presents under the tree, singing “Warm and Fuzzy” by Billy Gilman in the car with my family [terribly + loudly], and catching up with friends over coffee.

List of songs getting me through these last two days of school:

  • Pennies from Heaven- Louis Prima | from elf. lovely song.
  • Hold My Hand- Jess Glynne | my current prayer
  • Lonesome Dreams- Lord Huron
  • Not Going Home- Great Good Fine OK

Mer Crimmis 2 u + urs!





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