NOEL | Blogmas 02

Look at that font. mmm.

Dearest Blog Diary,

Today was my first day home for break! I spent it eating good food for free that I made at home with dishes that could go into a dishwasher and I did laundry without having to go outside. Phenomenal concept.



  • I lugged my old bookshelf from the garage upstairs into my closet, where it now houses clothes. Don’t think I digressed from books to clothes, my current bookshelf is twice as big and twice as full.
  • I went to LUSH  with Abi! I got a bunch of gifts and two bath bombs for myself… whoops. So excited I can’t wait.
  • I made the most amazing sandwich for lunch. Ate in front of the cat to make him jealous.
  • Mom and I went for a coffee and a walkee this afternoon downtown franklin. I ordered my first flat white, which scored a solid 7.9/10 on the Heather coffee scale. Would order again.
  • I got all my grades back and *ref voice* its good!
  • Went to Chili’s with dad for dinner and then we watched The Others. Kinda creeped out now but it was a great movie.



  • I am currently living off of SamanthaMariaVlogs’ Vlogmas videos. They’re the only ones I’ve been watching. I love that Sam and Jason are both filming. It’s so cool to see both of their days at the same time. They’re both so endearing, kind, and genuinely cool.
  • I put all my apps into four folders at the top of my first page of my iPhone, changed my ringtone, and unsubscribed from my email notifications. Now texts and snapchats sound different and emails don’t sound like anything. Actually, they sound like sweet freedom and not at all like Chuck Cantrell.
  • My favorite song today has been Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay. I haven’t listened to the rest of the album yet. I want to/should/should have, but I’m lazy and waiting for it to be on Spotify this Friday.





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