Januree Playlist

Pony ears, sunset, and the moon last Thursday.

Last semester’s playlist was entitled, “SUITE,” because the dual meaning makes me feel like someone gave me a hot chocolate and a sleeping puppy to hold and they’re shouting at me in front of a crowd of thousands, “YOU ARE THE MOST CLEVEREST GIRL.”

This semester’s playlist is entitled, “SUITE GREENS,” after my favorite juice, because I’m a sucker for continuity and I may actually be THE MOST CLEVEREST GIRL.



Anchor- Novo Amor | I sleep to this on loop lots lately. 

I Would Do Anything For You- Foster The People | I heard this in Juice Bar when I stopped there for [lil wayne voice] “you guessed it-” sweet greens.

Ship To Wreck- Florence + The Machine 

The Sound- The 1975 | Loving this entire album so far. 

Take It Back- Liza Anne

Easy- Son Lux

Uma- Panama Wedding | My favorite song today specifically.

Silhouettes- Colony House




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