Sunday Seven

Happy Sunday!.jpg

Here are seven things from my week.


one. snow days make for nice views + memories with friends.

Abi Lewis photographed this. L to R is CHLOE, CONNOR, and ME.

two. snow in general.


three. I watched the Intern this weekend and fell in love with Anne Hathaway’s character. And her hair. And her clothes.


four. I sent eno a self-addressed, stamped letter with a polite request for stickers, and they are [hopefully!] sending me a letter full of stickers! Write to them @ [ ENO / Attn: Stickers Please! / 24 Buxton Ave. / Asheville, NC 28801 ]

– p.s. this also works for: Converse, Celestial Tea, Izze, Nordica, Chaco, Fender, and Eddie Bauer. To name a few.

– Here’s a neat little blog with details.

five. the birb wall. Abi got me these vinyl stickers for my wall and all the felicias help me put them up on the wall yesterday. We listened to King and Cross by Asegir while we did so.

lee lee ❤

six. Linus. LOOK AT HIM. He is Emery’s. He likey the saltines.


seven. Blogilates Butt Challenge. We’re six days in. We’re also twenty four days out of social media. I think thirty day challenges are my new thing?

Happy Sunday!



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