To Chloe



Happy Valentines Day! This is my valentine to you. I love you lots.

First of all, thank you for being my most compassionate friend. You care for people so well and you show it so well. Your interest in me means the world.

I love that you are willing to carry the weight of the world for the people that you love. You invest deeply in the people in your life. You are so intentional with your family and with your time. You value kindness and fairness, which is so evident in how you treat others. You spend time investing in things that you enjoy and never waste time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you looking for something to do. You have big dreams and make them a reality in practical ways, which is so inspiring to me.

Thank you for asking the hard questions and seeing beauty in the little things (like lizards and pinecones and acorns and phenomenal chocolates from Rembrandts.)

Thanks for sharing beautiful places with me. Some of my best prayers have come from the Blue Blazes trail, and I’m so glad you took us there. Even though your car broke down. I’m sorry I laughed about that I just got really nervous.

Also you have amazing hair and I would kill for your eyelashes.

You remind me of that quote from New Girl when Jess is like “I’m a super babe and I’m also tough and smart and strong” (paraphrased) because that is absolutely you. I don’t know any girl stronger than you (and I can probably count on one hand all of the boys that could be stronger than you) and also your textbooks scare me a little bit, I don’t know how you read them.

I love you, I love you, I love you, and I am so thankful for you.





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