To Hailey


To Hailey,

Happy Valentines Day! I love you so much.

I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE MY ROOMMATE. I prayed that I would get to live with a lady like you and I’m so glad I get to live with you. You are a major answered prayer. Our dorm would be way less cute without you and there would be much less laughter.

The two best and most memorable pieces of advice that I’ve been given in the last two years were both from you. You are so good at saying the perfect thing at the perfect time. I remember one time I was really worried about missing something and you told me that if something great was going to happen and I missed it, then that great thing would still happen again at a different/better time if it was meant to be. I think about that all the time, and it’s really helped me to live in the moment. The other thing you said was pretty recent.

Thanks for making me feel valuable. You are such a loyal friend, and it’s amazing to have a friend like you that always takes my side and defends me… even if I screwed up and did a stupid thing, you’re so forgiving and I love that about you. You also don’t let me get away with stupid stuff, either, though, and I’m thankful for that, too.

I am so glad that we both ended up doing the same bible study and that we got paired up for D group, too. No one knows we as well spiritually as you do. Thanks for listening to me and helping me learn more about God and about my faith. Also its a lot easier to get out of bed and go to D group when you go with me, so thanks for that, too.

Thank you for driving me to Walmart in your awesome car, and for teaching me how awesome it is to stand on the couch, and for sharing my love of HGTV and tumblr memes and neko atsume and the twitter refresh sound.

You are so driven and you know more facts about medicine and health and bodies than anyone I’ve ever met, and that is amazing. I love that you’re so consistent in doing things that are valuable to you like getting up early and journaling.

I love that you’re curious, open-minded, and positive. And your hairspray smells amazing. You’re amazing.

I love you!





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