I applied about a month ago to go on summer project with CRU this summer for 8 weeks in Charleston. Last week I got accepted, and preparing has become it’s own little adventure. Currently, my biggest [and misplaced] fear is that I’ll go and feel out of place.

The only relationship I’m bringing there [except Sarah Pedersen. hey girl. unbelievably  thankful for you] is my relationship with God. In my desire to be known and safe, I am investing in that relationship out of desperation to not be alone in Charleston. Which… is probably why He is sending me to Charleston.

I am very, very excited to travel and invest my life somewhere new. God is good.


I spent this week at the beach with CRU. I am so thankful for this week + I have a list as long as my arm in my journal of all my favorite moments. God is making Himself incredibly, tangibly visible to me through the beauty of creation, time for reflection, and friends- new and old.

This semester has wrought a lot of pain throughout my life and I am grateful for peaceful times and joy in adventure and fellowship. Also for friends who jump on beds and swim deep in the ocean and bury each other nose deep in sand and love.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
our beautiful, insane house. neighbors were also beautiful and insane.




[lego newlin]





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