Summer 2016 Tasklist

Here lies the summer 2016 bucket list. If you want to join any of these, send me an application by May 10 and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Serious applicants only, please + thank.

hike to nashville- abi and I are going to walk to nashville we decided.

bike to work- work is 1.7 miles from my house, aka a 15 minute lazy bike ride, so I want to bike or run to work as much as possible.

rollerskating- some way some how this has to happen.

nulla dies sine linea- “never a day without a line” aka write every day

update the college video- my roommates and I have a big compilation video of all the videos we’ve taken so far. my favorite thing ever is sitting with them and emailing all the videos to abi and adding to it and then watching it. I can’t wait to do that again since the semester is over + we have lots to add.

#ASELFIEOFANOTHERPERSONTAKINGAPHOTOINFRONTOFTHENASHVILLESIGN- I don’t even know the guy that posts these but I want him to feature me.

paddleboard at westhaven- rollover goal from last summer because I’m a freakin square and never made it happen.

buy a ukulele

visit marissa

graffiti that one specific thing at that one specific place




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